The Magical Forest!

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About The Magical Forest

“The Magical Forest” has the intention to inspire and empower children to overcome their fears, transcend their own limitations, while discovering the magic in others and within themselves! Bring happiness, a sense of relief and experience life with freedom, adventure and wonder! It has the intention to uplift and raise children’s consciousness and inspire them to know their potential and greatness!

“The Magical Forest” has been written for children all over the world. It speaks to their hearts with sentiment and truth. It inspires them to know themselves beyond what they may have already learned. This book inspires children to become more aware of their strength and inner knowing. The intention is to create a ripple effect, share it and love it. Give this book as a gift and share its message of self-discovery.

The soundtrack to The Magical Forest book is an exciting and powerful piece for all ages to enjoy! The music accompanies the adventure and inspires reflection, discovery, wonder and celebration!

The music has been specially produced by:

Norberto Islas

6 time Grammy Award Winner

Production, Programming and Execution
Pepe Aguilar

9 time Grammy Award Winner

Consulting and Executive Producer for the theme music of The Magical Forest book

Preview the theme song

The audio book + theme song proceeds are 100% donated to children in need around the world.

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Every adventure reveals
new magical places
and brings new levels
of awareness.

1An Enchanting Melody 

It is early morning and the rays of the sun appear through the trees. Wayta is ready for a new exploration day and adventure in the forest. He hears in the distance a melody, a soft and sweet voice humming a song.

Illustrations by Doan Trang


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