Amparo Polanco


Amparo Polanco was born in Peru and was educated in a British-American school where she had the opportunity to meet children from different cultures, backgrounds and nationalities.   Amparo learned to appreciate diversity and uniqueness in everyone.  At the age of 15, she taught English as a second language to 3 year old children at a pre-kinder school.  Amparo has always been fascinated with children’s innocence, liveliness, freedom and purity.   As a youth, Amparo had the opportunity to teach English as a second language to children from different ages in a public school. Amparo resides in the USA and she has also lived in several countries of South America where she had the privilege to be of service in rural communities.  Amparo developed and participated in educational and socio-economic projects in Peru, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Bolivia.  These projects included children, youth, women and families.  Amparo’s passion has always been to work with communities around the world, inspire and empower each other.  Unfold the potential that is in all of us and express it to the world!